Defence Estate officer slaps notices

Fine amounting to Rs. 27 crore

to be paid

Lease holders transfer property sans official nod

HYDERABAD: The Defence Estate authorities seem to have finally woken up to the unauthorised use and occupation of its bungalow and leased lands in the cantonment. Notices were issued to seven such occupants ordering them to pay hefty fine of altogether Rs. 27 crore in damages and also explain the illegal constructions.

The Defence Estates Officer, S. Balakrishna, issued the notices under sub-section 3 of section 7 of ‘The Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Act, 1971’ on Thursday. “We have noticed some of the occupants of defence lands for having misused the land and running commercial establishments illegally,” he explained.

There are 116 bungalows under DEO’s jurisdiction of which 35-50 were converted into commercial buildings sans any official permit. Some lease holders had also transferred property to others without any official sanction over the years. Notices for other violators too are to be sent soon.

The occupants were asked to appear before the DEO later this month to explain why the penal amount with interest should not be levied till the illegal construction was removed.

Notices were issued to – Auto Chenoy occupying bungalow numbers 148/178 of a total of 5.2 acres and the penal amount was fixed at Rs. 9.86 crore altogether. Malla Reddy of bungalow number 173 has been slapped with Rs. 8.98 crore, Gitanjali School of bungalow number 154 of 2.67 acres slapped with penal charge of Rs. 5.84 crore, Jahangir M. of bungalow number 151/A of 1.67 acres with penal charge of Rs. 1.76 crore, Brij Gopal of bungalow number 179 of 1.75 acre with penal amount fixed at Rs. 4.93 crore.

YWCA on a leased land of 1.62 acres will have to pay Rs. 2.5 crore, M. Chinnarayana Reddy occupying 4.79 acres have to pay Rs. 6.74 crore, T. Sarvan Yadav on leased land of 0.56 acre with amount coming to Rs.1.06 crore.

Private schools

The defence estate office here sought cancellation of permission given to two private schools in the Secunderabad cantonment for running them illegally from its land.

In a communication sent to the District Education Officer of Ranga Reddy district, Mr. Balakrishna demanded to know how recognition was accorded to Gitanjali School and SMR School without the mandatory permission from the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) or his office.

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