Court refuses to intervene in Bt cotton seed rate

Legal Correspondent

HYDERABAD: A Division Bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court comprising Justice V. Eshwaraiah and Justice Naushad Ali on Wednesday refused to interfere with the orders of the government fixing the rate of Bt cotton seed. They were giving a ruling on a writ petition filed by the National Seeds Association of India.

The petitioner complained that while fixing the rate, the government did not take into consideration the increased cost of production. It complained that GO 534 issued on April 24 this year was not in confirmation with the provisions of the AP Cottonseeds Act, 2007.

The government informed the Bench that the value was fixed taking into consideration the cost of production and trait value (royalty). The court was told that the seeds had already reached farmers and an interim order could not be given now. The case was adjourned till June.