Council Hall back to its elegant self

Special correspondent

Legislative Council is to meet on March 30 after twenty years. Work is on to spruce up the historic hall too.

HYDERABAD: The large rectangular hall of the Jubilee Hall in Public Gardens here, that served as the State's Legislative Council for 27 years till it was abolished in 1985, is in for regaining its past glory.

As the process to revive the Council has begun, work is in full swing to repair and embellish the hall. As work by carpenters, masons and electricians reached a feverish pitch on Friday, Legislature Affairs Minister K. Rosaiah inspected the dust-covered premises, accompanied by Legislature Secretary Tuljanand Singh.

However, the rooms that were earlier used by chief ministers and the Council's chairman through the years remain tidy as they are still being occupied by VIPs during high level meetings at Jubilee Hall.

The Minister went round the old committee halls of the Council, now dilapidated, and checked the entry points meant for Chief Minister. He instructed officials not to disturb the original elegance of the architecture.

Mr. Rosaiah said the more staff would be recruited for the Council if required. Mr Singh said the Council might require a budget of Rs. 17 crores annually and each member might get Rs. 40,000 monthly apart from other allowances.

The council will be constituted by March 26 with 87 members (as three out of the 90 members can be elected only later due to creation of Greater Hyderabad). It will meet on March 30. The Governor will address a joint session of the Assembly and the Council on March 31/April 1.