Cotton ryots rue officials’ apathy

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Stocks pile up as contractor fails to lift stocks from market yard

Market yard officials express helplessness

No space left in market yard for fresh arrivals

NAKREKAL (NALGONDA DT.): The desperate wait of cotton farmers to sell their produce at the Cotton Corporation of India’s counter in Nakrekal has become a never-ending affair as the contractor has been reportedly failing to lift the stocks in time.

“I have been camping here with my cotton for the last six days, all in futility. My family members bring food for me everyday as I can’t move out lest any opportunity to sell the produce will be missed,” Boddu Nagaiah of Aakaram village told The Hindu on Monday. Many ryots rued officials’ failure to streamline the purchasing processes.

Nagaiah brought 70 quintals of cotton but his hopes to go back home seem to be bleak in the next couple of days. The market yard is full of cotton stocks leaving no space for the authorities to accept fresh arrivals. Surprisingly, market yard officials are expressing their helplessness in solving the problem.

“What can we do if the contractor doesn’t clear that market yard? We have informed district officials about the matter and are waiting for the contactor to act.

He always gives trouble much to our discomfiture,” its secretary K. Appa Rao said. While the market yard’s capacity is a mere 2,000 quintals, more than 10,000 quintals are being stored here, thanks to the “highly irresponsible attitude” of the contractor.

CCI purchases

The CCI has purchased 60,000 quintals of cotton till date and fresh arrivals will continue to come even in the month of January. “We have asked ryots not to bring their stocks due to lack of space here. There is expected to be an improvement in the situation after 25th of this month,” Mr. Rao maintained.

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