Commissioner refutes Gowtham Reddy’s claim

Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: Municipal Commissioner P. S. Pradyumna has refuted the claim of CPI leader P. Gowtham Reddy that he (Mr. Pradyumna) had stated that the land at Bhanu Nagar, where an attempt was made to remove the hutments a week ago, did not belong to the Railways.

Mr. Gowtham Reddy, quoting the Commissioner, said the land did not belong to the Railways and the question of eviction of the dwellers did not arise. The report was published in these columns on January 19.

Mr. Pradyumna said in a statement on Saturday: “The statement is incorrect. I never passed any such remarks about the ownership of the encroached land.”

About 200 families came on to the roads last Sunday, opposing the alleged attempts by the Railway authorities to evict them from Bhanu Nagar. Mr. Gowtham Reddy said then: “Municipal Commissioner P. S. Pradyumna was apprised of the situation. The Commissioner maintained that the land does not belong to the Railways, and the question of evicting the people does not arise.”

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