Cockfights are patronised and being conducted reportedly under the very eyes of politicians.

In spite of observations by the court and protests by the activists of different organisations, cockfights are being conducted during Sankranthi festival every year.

Many birds are being killed in the name of providing entertainment to the public. In this process, huge amount of money is changing hands. It is a pity that the law and order authorities appear to be too helpless to put an end to this bloody spectacle and bloodbath.

This so called sport reminds me of the fight between slaves and lions of barbaric ages gone by. It is nothing but a shame on the civilised society.

K. Nagaraja Rao

Kavali, Pottisriramulu Nellore district

Do public service, please!

In the present days, the law makers such as the MLAs and MPs are busy inaugurating private establishments like shopping malls, hospitals and restaurants.

This is certainly not a good trend, as people elected them for doing service to the public.

The elected representatives have to make it compulsory to launch door-to-door campaign and to list out the minimum needs of the poor and the downtrodden and spend their time on solving the problems.

They are not supposed to make it a regular practice to participate in private functions.

B.V. Subrahmanya Sastry

Baptla, Guntur district.

Review censor system

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) highlights an annual increase of 11 per cent to 15 per cent in crimes being committed by children across the country.

It is extremely sad and alarming to note that the children are reported to have committed the crimes such as rape, murder, robbery and attempt to murder.

It is the moral responsibility of every Indian to analyse the factors behind the innocent children being drawn to the crime.

I feel movies are totally responsible for the trend, and they are influencing the innocent children a lot. There is a need to review the existing censor system.

M. Blessing Moses

Polavaram, West Godavari district.

Correct the blunders

The Physics textbooks published by the Telugu Akademi for the students of Intermediate first and second year students each contain more than 70 blunders. These blunders are against the fundamental concepts and basic principles of physics.

Moreover, these textbooks contain an unusually large number of out of syllabus topics.

The matter was brought to the notice of the authorities concerned in August 2008. Till now, no remedial actions were taken.

The Government must take steps to correct the blunders before publishing the books and remove the topics that were out of syllabus.

D.V. Brahmaji

Bapatla, Guntur district.

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