Climatic aberrations

Nature’s fury: The 40-ft high wall that was floored by a whirlwind in Adilabad.

Nature’s fury: The 40-ft high wall that was floored by a whirlwind in Adilabad.  

S. Harpal Singh

ADILABAD: Last week, two gigantic parallel walls measuring 150 ft. l X 40 ft. h at a spinning mill under construction in Jainad mandal had ‘gone with the wind’, literally, in five seconds flat! The whirlwind that struck not only floored the walls but also brought to the fore climatic aberrations that are progressively becoming based on local phenomena, mainly on environmental degradation.

Dhanika Chalam, site engineer at the spinning mill, said the whirlwind rose close to the location of the mill and got weakened immediately after destroying the walls. The ten 18 inch pillars and eight cross beams could not withstand the awesome force. “Such aberrational phenomena are localised due to environmental degradation. The climate is still hot at the place concerned with day temperatures hovering around 40 degree C.”

Ecological disaster

“The soil temperature will be higher still which can result in low pressure giving birth to whirl winds,” explained M. Srirekha, scientist at the Agriculture Research Station, Adilabad. Decimation of forests is one of the major reasons for environmental degradation. Due to increasing, large bald tracts inside forest areas, the distribution of rainfall is also erratic.

For example, during the last few days places in the coal belt area have received good spells of rain. Farmers in some areas like Bazarhatnoor mandal have taken up sowing operations because of a few spells in which about 40 cm of rainfall each was recorded which has cumulatively crossed the normal mark.

In the mandals of Jainad, Tamsi and Adilabad the spells so far have yielded only a negligible one or two mm of rainfall. The total rainfall recorded for the period was only 9 mm which is much below the normal. Weak spells of rainfall have only served to make the atmosphere sultry and irritating besides causing some delay in the process of cultivation.

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