Chiru roadshow begins today


After addressing wayside meetings, he will go to Bobbili for night halt

VIZIANAGARAM: As part of the Praja Ankita Yatra, founder of Praja Rajyam Chiranjeevi is arriving here by a helicopter at 9 a.m. on Sunday. After landing at the helipad that has been arranged in a field behind LIC buildings, the actor-turned-politician would move in a convoy for the roadshow.

After meeting people at the Balaji junction, he would address a gathering at the Fort and pass via the Three Lamps junction, Clock Tower, Kanyaka Parameswari temple, NCS theatre and Collector’s Office junction where he would once again address the people. On way to Bobbili, where he would stay for night on Sunday, via Gotlam, Bondapalli, Gajapathinagaram, Manapuram and Ramabhadrapuram, he would address wayside meetings. On Monday, his convoy would touch Gollapalli, Alajangi, Therlam, Uttaravalli, Merakamudidam, Garbham, Garividi, Gurla and Nellimarla. He would leave for Visakhapatnam from there, according to Satyananada Rao, party district coordinator.

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