Chiru magic works with first-time voters

Staff Reporter

MACHILIPATNAM: It was a silent revolution all the way. The youth turned up in large numbers to exercise their franchise. A majority of the youth, more particularly first time voters, preferred the Praja Rajyam as their favourite political party in this election.

Most of the youths voted in favour of PRP candidates in admiration of cine star-turned-politician Chiranjeevi. Strikingly, most of them voted for the PRP as they were dire hard fans of Chiranjeevi, but not for social justice advocated by the party.

Some of them confessed that they did not know who the PRP nominee in their constituency was, but still they pressed the button opposite ‘rail engine’ on the EVM.

Nagaveni, a first time voter, who cast her vote at ANR College in Gudivada Assembly constituency, said she voted to the PRP as she liked “Chiranjeevi’ acting”.

Another first time voter, Sampata Ramdoss, a construction labourer by profession, was no different. He too was not bothered to know who was representing the PRP in Gudivada Assembly constituency. “I am not bothered who is contesting on behalf of the PRP. I am happy that I voted to the Megastar,” he said in unbound joyous mood.

For Lakshmi, who admitted to voting for the PRP, cine glamour of Chiranjeevi did not have any impact on her voting.

“I voted for the PRP, as I am looking for a change,” she said. Ms. Lakshmi, who is working in Hyderabad, came all the way to exercise her franchise.

A similar trend was witnessed in many areas like Gudlavalleru, Nandivada, Pedana and Machilipatnam town of Machilipatnam Parliamentary constituency.

Vara Lakshmi, a voter in Nandivada, said she preferred the PRP as she was a direhard fan of Chiranjeevi.

“I just want to see Chiranjeevi as chief minister,” she said.

Interestingly, youngsters from the families traditionally loyal to the Congress or the TDP also voted for the PRP at many places.

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