Chiranjeevi stoking violence: MLA

Staff Reporter

SANGAREDDY: Dissident Telangana Rashtra Samithi legislator T. Jayaprakash Reddy said that Chiranjeevi who lost his stardom to new heroes in Tollywood is venturing into politics to stay in limelight.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, he wondered why the hero was playing political games through his brothers and brother in law, while founder of Telugu Desam N.T. Rama Rao took a bold decision to plunge into politics and stood by it. “First it was Pavan Kalyan versus Deccan Chronicle then Mohan Babu, then Rajasekhar and Jeevita, now Geetha Reddy and Mareppa, how many more violent episodes before the real movie starts,” he asked.

He criticised the Chiranjeevi clan for targeting Ministers Mareppa and Geetha Reddy who belong to weaker sections. stoke

Targeting the blood banks organised by the hero’s fans, Jayaprakash Reddy said that the allegations of blood business were true as they were confirmed by the press.

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