Channels cash in on music shows Out of the box

Music has its own unique selling proposition on channels. Its allure is hard to match by any other content. From filmi razzmatazz to a soothing classical, music has been an integral part for different channels over the years.

And the concept of hunting talent has indeed caught up so well that these shows have become a major stay for almost all.

If the journey of such shows started in right earnest with S.P.Balasubramanyam, these days quite a few big names of the silver screen have lent their presence to add a whole feeling. From ‘Padalani Undi’ to ‘Padutha Theeyaga’, they not only offered a relief from regular content but also provided a platform for many a budding talent in reaching out to a larger audience.


Lavish sets, more and more talented contestants spanning different age groups and improved production quality gave an impetus to the concept and the presence of silver screen personalities such as Devi Sri Prasad, Koti, Ramana Gogula and Ramakrishna imparted them a not-to-miss status.

The most popular host for these shows, Sunitha has been doing wonders and continues to retain her position as the most sought after with the concept.

Some of the new shows come across as tribute to great talents that have livened up the music scene. Such is the popularity of these shows that Zee Telugu is already into fourth series of its ‘Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa’ while others like ‘Star of A.P.’, ‘Voice of Andhra’, ‘Super Singer’, ‘Jhummandi Nadam’ and ‘Swara Neerajanam’ continue to enchant viewers on others.

Coming days will have more variations of music shows livening up the tube further.

Just sit back and enjoy the music. – T. Lalith Singh

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