Chambers move to reduce prices


To sell commodities at retail rates

Kakinada: The Cocanada Chamber of Commerce and the Godavari Chamber of Commerce have announced their decision to make available essential commodities to consumers at retail prices so that there will be considerable reduction in the prevailing market prices.

Dantu Surya Rao, chairman, Cocanada Chamber of Commerce, P. Kasi Visweswera Rao, secretary, Godavari Chamber of Commerce, Grandhi Narayana Rao Babji, president, Edible Oil Dealers and Wholesale Traders' Association, Gurram Adinarayana Rao, representatives of various traders' organisations, announced at a press conference here on Saturday that they were opening five outlets in the city to make available essential commodities at retail price so that consumer would get the benefit by securing commodities at much lower price. They said at least three commodities - Bengal gram, tamarind and palm oil - would be made available to the consumers at less than rythu bazar prices ranging from two to three rupees. They made it clear there was no shortage of any commodity in the city.

The question of hoarding did not arise. Mr. Surya Rao said that the rice in exporters' godowns was mostly boiled rice and the export rice is of 1001 and IR-64 varieties which is of second crop.