Centralised ‘100’ will be set up in Vijayawada: DGP

DGP says centralised ‘100’ will be set up in Vijayawada soon

The State police will go for geo-mapping of accident-prone areas and put in place geo-fences to give voice alerts to road users to avoid accidents, according to Director- General of Police N.Sambasiva Rao.

“This app, which helps setting up automatic alerts on entering or exiting specific mapped areas on the expressways, will be available in a month’s time,” he told reporters here on Sunday. He expressed concern over 8,000 people being killed in 20,000 accidents in the State in a year.

With Rs. 10 crore assistance from the Centre, centralised 100 will be set up shortly in Vijayawada. Presently the emergency calls received from different parts of the State are routed to Hyderabad and it takes a lot of time for police personnel concerned to act.

“Along with centralised 100, distributed 100 with a control room in every district will be set up for effective emergency response,” he said. ABHAYAM app which uses smartphones & GPS tracking technology has not been effectively implemented since its launch last year, he admitted, adding that “we will showcase the app for the benefit of women in trouble to reach out to their family members with all the required information to track their location.”

So is the case with Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk (IClick), which needed to be fine-tuned for effective disposal of complaints, he said.

Fingerprint Identification Network System (FINS), effectively used during the Krishna Pushkaram, would be extensively used to do away with the traditional practice of the police detaining suspects for questioning.

By comparing the fingerprints of the suspects caught under suspicious circumstances at odd times with the database available with the command control centre, the culprits could be caught then and there and innocent people let off immediately, he added.

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