Call to create a river authority

Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: A. Ranga Reddy, retired professor of Economics at S.V. University, called for creating a river authority for a comprehensive approach to water management in the entire basin.

Dr. Reddy who hails from Kurnool district, pained by the damage caused to the city asked the government to draw a serious lesson from the present spell of flood and initiate long-term measures since floods appear to be a recurring phenomenon given the climatic changes.

Dr. Reddy suggested that satellite reservoir should be constructed all along the river to divert flood flow in case of emergency. Also, parallel drains and canals linking other rivers should be planned to divert flood water to drought-prone areas.

“We need more Pothireddypadus to come to our resuce during flood,” he opined. Had there been one or two Pothireddypadu-like structures on Tungabhadra, Kurnool city, scores of villages could have been saved.

Galeru, Nagari and Pennar rivers remained dry for most part of the year and could absorb any amount of flood easily. Even channels that could draw water from the river at high flood period would be of immense help.

Role of politicians

Dr. Ranga Reddy felt that the role of politicians be restricted. It is due to the their increased interference in every aspect of life, the bureaucracy slowly withdrew from its primary function.

The floods and water levels should be managed by irrigation experts and not by politicians.They should confine their role to making general policies and not water management, he said.