CS asked to supervise athlete’s murder probe

Legal Correspondent

Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh High Court has ordered the Chief Secretary, State of AP, to personally supervise the investigation into the brutal murder of an athlete from Kerala at Guntakal Railway dormitory in 2001.

Justice Nagarjuna Reddy expressed deep displeasure at the way the case was handled and asked the Chef Secretary to file affidavit by August 4 pointing out the persons responsible for such laxity.

These interim orders were passed on a writ petition filed by Thomas, father of the girl. Sophy Thomas was selected to a railway job in athlete’s quota. She was brutally murdered at Guntakal . She was stabbed 21 times. The parents had pointed out the suspects. There was a lot of uproar over the murder of an upcoming woman athlete.

When there was no progress in the investigation, the parents approached the High Court of Karalla.

The case was not entertained as there was no jurisdiction. The parents came to AP and filed writ petition 2007. One judge had directed the officers to file affidavit.

When the case came up for hearing now, Justice Reddy was shocked at the attitude of the administrative machinery and wanted the Chief Secretary to inform the court how the whole issue was bungled and who was responsible for it.

The Chief Secretary is to file comprehensive report and personally supervise the case.

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