CNG buses bring in extra moolah for RTC

P. Sujatha Varma

Six more buses to join the fleet by the month-end, says Regional Manager

Eco-friendly buses helped the region save nearly Rs. 80 lakhs last year

New offer makes it hassle-free for schoolchildren to obtain a bus pass

VIJAYAWADA: Officials of the Vijayawada region of the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) cannot stop grinning, thanks to the additional moolah brought in by the cool and comfortable buses operated with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

In demand

The city unit will have its promised share of 100 CNG buses by June-end.

“At the moment, we have 94 CNG buses in our fleet. The remaining six buses are being readied and we may get them by this month-end,” said M. Seetapathi, the outgoing Regional Manager of the corporation.

The eco-friendly CNG buses are in great demand for their attractive appearance and more legroom, besides a jerk-free travel experience. Last year, the RTC in this region could save nearly Rs. 80 lakhs because of the cost-effective CNG buses.

“This year, we expect to mop up an additional profit of anything between Rs. 1 crores and Rs. 1.2 crores when compared to other depots,” said Mr. Seetapathi.

He pointed out that these buses had also been spared the burden of the recent hike in diesel price.

New initiatives

As part of its various other steps initiated to improve its services, the Road Ttransport Corporation will now minimise the pain taken by students to acquire a school bus pass.

The students will not have to visit the Pandit Nehru Bus Station on three different occasions, as the Road Ttransport Corporation staff would come to their educational institution to hand over and receive the filled-in application forms.

The students, however, would have to visit the Pandit Nehru Bus Station once to get their photographs scanned.

School transport

The public transport organisation is also happy to have found takers for its offer to operate its buses exclusively for schoolchildren.

“The city-based Bhashyam Public School has sought RTC bus service for its students who stand to gain in the bargain.

Double bonanza

By paying Rs. 325, the child will be eligible both for the school bus service and can also use the pass as GBT (general bus ticket),” he said.

However, the only condition is that there must be a minimum of 60 students in a single batch.

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