Brothers amused by transplant din

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL: Longest surviving kidney transplant patient Mohd. Ibrahim (right) with brother Mohd. Ishaq. -- PHOTO: K. RAMESH BABU  

Dennis Marcus Mathew

Ibrahim and Ishaq were involved in a live kidney transplant in 1982

There were some media reports at that time and they were curious objects for students at OGH They were felicitated as the "longest living kidney transplant patients" in the State recently

HYDERABAD: Even as corporate hospitals go to town about each transplant they do, there are two men in the city who are amused by all the clamour.

Siblings Mohammed Ibrahim and Mohammed Ishaq, both residents of New Malakpet, were protagonists in one of the first live kidney transplants performed in the State, way back in 1982 at the Osmania General Hospital (OGH). Twenty-five years later, they say they do not quite understand why the din still continues. "Yes, there were some media reports at that time. And we were sort of curious objects for students at OGH. But I don't understand why the commotion continues for the same thing even now," says Ibrahim.

Blood pressure

Ibrahim, an office superintendent at Mumtaz College in Malakpet, had got admitted in OGH in April 1982 after his blood pressure shot up. His legs were swollen and he was told that both his kidneys were damaged beyond repair.

Once doctors there decided that Ibrahim would have to undergo a transplant, the search for a donor began. It did not stretch too long, for a donor was at hand. His brother Ishaq was more than ready.

"Our father passed away when I was 16, and it was me who brought up all my siblings. He did not hesitate even for a moment when the doctors told him that he could help me," says Ibrahim. And so, on May 16, 1982, doctors performed the surgery that saw the brothers strengthening their bond once again.

"A. Raheem Khan, an English lecturer in our college, helped a lot. Students of the college too donated 20 bottles of blood," Ibrahim remembers. Two months later, Ibrahim was back on duty, got married two years later and now has three sons. Ishaq, who runs an electrical shop at Dabeerpura, also recovered fast, married six years later and has three children.

"I still take a few tablets, drink five litres of water daily and walk for three kilometres. Both of us never had any major problems," says the 59-year-old Ibrahim, who along with Ishaq, was felicitated by the Indian Society of Nephrology recently as the "longest living kidney transplant patients" in the State.