Brides are in demand here!

Bride hunt: Likely grooms registering their name at Vysya Vadhu-Varula Parichaya Vedika in Karimnagar town.  

K.M. Dayashankar

Grooms are ready to marry good-looking girls without demanding dowry

Female infanticide, abandonment of girl child affect the male-female sex ratio in the region

Against 85 girls, 285 young men have registered at Vysya Vadhu-Varula Parichaya Vedika

KARIMNAGAR: Gone are the days when the bridegrooms were in demand and they had their choice of selecting the bride from a group. Now it is other way round and it is bride's turn.

Unfortunately, the female infanticide and decrease in female population ratio in the region, the brides have become very precious. The bridegrooms have become so desperate that they are ready to marry the bride without expecting anything including the dowry and other benefits.

These startling revelations were found at the Vysya Vadhu-Varula Parichaya Vedika at the Vysya bhavan in Karimnagar town on Sunday. Against 85 brides, who registered at the venue to participate in programme, the bridegrooms were 285. It was astonishing to found that some 20 grooms were after a single beautiful looking bride at the venue. The grooms' relatives were after the girl and inquiring about their relatives and other details.

Vysya Seva Kendram president Kanne Krishna, who launched the Vivaha Parichaya Vedika in Karimnagar town to encourage the probable brides and grooms to select their choice at a venue, told “The Hindu” here on Monday that the brides' registration was drastically falling down over the years and the grooms' registrations were increasing manifold.

During 1995, when we first launched the programme, the brides were 70 and the grooms' participation was only 15, he added. Now, it is turnaround, he pointed out.

Attributing the decline in the brides' ratio to the female infanticide and abandonment of the girl child by the parents, he said that the ‘Kanyashulkam' (where the grooms give money to the bride's family) is likely to come if the present trend continues.

He said that already the grooms were rejecting the dowry and other benefits and searching for only good-looking bride.

He said that the non-availability of mechanism to check the female foeticide before 1994 had become a major cause of concern to the present day probable grooms with the shortage of brides.

He said that the pre-natal diagnostics technique (PNDT) Act 1994 should have come into force long back and the authorities should effectively implement the existing act to check the male and female sex ratio.