Boy's murder: no headway in probe

Marri Ramu

`Killers were frustrated over not finding any money'Imitation jewellery found lying outside the house

HYDERABAD: Jagan Mohan Reddy may have made quick money in the real estate boom in the twin cities, but he never intended to display his affluence.

However, his habit of holding wads of currency notes must have made others believe that hard cash would always be available at his home.

Perhaps, that could have lured the unidentified assailants to his house who strangled Rahul, his 11-year-old son, to death in Radhakrishna colony near Rajendranagar, investigators surmise based on the circumstantial evidence.

Three days after the mysterious murder of the boy, who was alone at the house, the police could not make any headway in the investigation.

But they believe the intruders might have anticipated that they would find large amounts of cash in the house.

But why kill the boy who could not have offered any resistance?


Police say that possibly, the assailants were frustrated over not finding any money.

Bloodstains on the files scattered around suggested that the boy was killed after the house was ransacked.

Surprisingly, some ornaments of the boy's mother were left untouched in the almirah.

What baffled the police was that some imitation jewellery and a few coins were found outside the house.

Fateful day

Police who reconstructed the crime scene surmised that the boy could have reached home around 12.30 p.m. on the fateful day.

He might have opened the main door using the key kept in a box outside, changed, had his lunch, left the plate in the kitchen and was probably watching TV when the killers arrived.

"When he is alone, my son would open the door only after confirming identity of visitors by looking through the window," Reddy told the police.

This indicated that the killers might have been familiar to the boy.

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