Blackberry is the current flavour

Abhijit Dev Kumar

Hyderabad: It’s almost a replacement for the computer and initially found favour with bosses.

With futuristic designs, innumerable options, and a phone that uses EDGE technology, Blackberry was considered a luxury commodity earlier. But going by the market trends of late, the phone is finding more takers in mid-level management employees too. Call it the ‘being different’ factor or the need for a cool gadget, mobile service providers say the number of Blackberry users is on the rise.

The attractive device is unique as it sets a higher standard for other phone manufacturers, thanks to its Internet connectivity and easy access to applications such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, not to forget social networking applications such as Facebook.

But this is not all; there are software that give weather updates, spell check and GPS software that can come in handy.

For Nitin. K., a young businessman, the phone is more than a status symbol. “It keeps me updated with the daily accounts through the Net thanks to faster connectivity and other web based applications compatible with the phone,” he said.

Status symbol

“The increase is due to acceptance of Blackberry as a status symbol by the middle management of companies where earlier only those in the senior management used to take the same,” points out Elango Thambaiah, CEO, Airtel.

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