Ban on vehicular movement on Besant Road opposed

ON WARPATH: Shop owners of Besant Road protesting against traffic restrictions imposed by police in Vijayawada on Thursday .  

Staff Reporter

Say the move has hit their business badly

Traders submit a memorandum to police commissioner`If the situation continues Besant Road will lose its glory'

VIJAYAWADA: Registering their protest against the recent ban on vehicular movement on Besant Road, over 150 traders who had shops on the ever-busy road staged a protest by downing the shutters of their shops on Thursday. They stated that the recent move of the traffic police had badly hit their business, as the sales dwindled exceptionally in the last four days. The shops were opened only in the afternoon.

In a memorandum addressed to city Police Commissioner C.V. Anand, the traders urged the police to allow two-wheeler parking on the Besant Road and valet parking for four-wheelers, besides preventing hawkers and pushcart vendors to enter into the road. They said that they would take part in the beautification of Besant Road and extend their support to the civic body.

"Due to the ban on vehicular movement, we are losing so much of business. In all, there is a 90 per cent decrease in sales in the last four days," said m.v. Vijaya Prasad, convener of Governorpet, Besant Road Traders Welfare Association.

Unexpected move

He said the move was quite unexpected, as the police did not make it clear during a meeting with the traders a week ago that the road would be closed for vehicular traffic.

"In a meeting with hawkers, the police announced that Besant Road is going to be traffic-free. As the decision has not been publicised widely, people are under the impression that there is some problem on Besant Road and stopped visiting our shops from Monday onwards," he said.

Mr. Prasad felt that practically it was not possible to impose a ban on vehicular movement on Besant Road without developing infrastructure like footpaths and centralised lighting system. Besides submitting a memorandum to the Police Commissioner, the traders sent letters to elected representatives.

"We are expecting a positive response from all quarters.

If the situation continued to be like this, Besant Road will lose its glory and the business will be moved over to some other place," he said.