Ballot, the buzzword among youngsters on D-day

Staff Reporter

They bask in a sense of empowerment and achievement

Some of them tag along with elders in the family to get an idea of EVMs

Presence of large number of youth could be the decisive factor in these elections

VIJAYAWADA: Ballot was the biggest buzzword among youngsters who collectively ‘rocked the vote’ on Thursday. Greeting one another with “I voted, did you?” they took great pride in flaunting their finger painted with the indelible ink.

“Initially there was some confusion in my mind with regard to use of Electronic Voting Machine. Being a first-time voter, I was slightly edgy, but thankfully I could get the better of my inhibitions once I entered the booth,” said M. Pravalika, an engineering student.

“Yes I did cast my vote, but didn’t vote for my caste,” announced K. Sujit, a B. Tech second year student from Ashok Nagar, sending positive signals to his peers to drift away from caste-based politics.

Young hopefuls trooped into polling booths on Thursday to exercise their franchise providing a blinding ray of hope to traditional cynics. “Youth voting is a critical untapped resource that leaders have slowly begun to recognise. It is good to see a large number of youngsters coming out to vote with a determination to make a difference. This gives a hope that things may change for the better in the days to come,” said N. Perumal Rao, a banker who had almost lost faith in the sanctity of the electoral process.

Basking in a sense of achievement and empowerment, they could not wait to share the experience with their close pals. “The right to vote has given me a unique high. I suddenly feel so important and I am dying to share my experience with my many online friends,” said Deepak staring at his finger with blue ink.

Some of them made sure to tag along with the elders in the family to be able to carry out the punching of the EVM in a correct way.

Youngsters like Anand were slightly upset with the manner in which they were hurried into the whole exercise by the polling staff. “There were so many symbols to choose from and so little time to make up your mind. But I am glad I used all my wisdom to do what I thought was right.”

The presence of a large number of young voters at almost all polling booths in the city sent out a positive signal that the youth is determined to play a decisive role in the electoral process.

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