Bad season for marriages!

Laborious:Women fetching drinking water from sources far from their habitation in Tirumalayapalem mandal - one of the low rainfall zones in the State.   | Photo Credit: - Photo: D. Chandra Bhaskar Rao

D. Chandra Bhaskar Rao

Water shortage forces postponement of marriages in Jinkala Tanda of Khammam

TIRUMALAYAPALEM (KHAMMAM DT): For the family of Syed Hussain, there cannot be anything more important an event than the marriage of his daughter Safia Begum. Arrangements are on for performing it on a grand scale at Jinkala Tanda, their native village on May 22.

He could manage everything for the big occasion but water to the guests remains his main concern.


His neighbour, S. K. Lal Saab had performed the marriage of his daughter Fatima Bi a few days ago with a great difficulty. Fetching sufficient water for the occasion is more difficult than finding the right match.

He took his family and friends away from the village and organised a function near an irrigation well. There are not many who can afford to buy water from private sources for such events.

There are families which preferred to postpone marriages because of the water woes, says S. K. Kareem, a resident. Scores of open wells and bore wells have gone dry due to rapid depletion of ground water in this village which lies in a pocket of one of the lowest rainfall zones in the State. Over 100 families – all belonging to the minority community -- have been depending much on two bore wells, which were yielding less than 40 to 50 buckets of water a day.

Women complain that they spend most of the morning time to collect water. They trek long distances to fetch drinking water from the irrigation wells. Some families have been managing with just three to four buckets a day. “We have a separate wash day” in the week.

We save water for washing the clothes at the weekend, explained a house wife.

The scarcity is felt increasingly by the families living in the “Telugu Desam Bazaar” – locality with predominant presence of the TDP loyalists. Water drawn from a private well is supplied only in the localities where influential Congress leaders reside.

Collector's promise

No water pipeline was laid in the Telugu Desam Bazaar for supplying the water. When contacted, the District Collector, N. Nageswara Rao said a senior officer would be deputed to the village to study the problem immediately and measures will be taken to augment supply.