Bad designs expo unveiled

Unique display: expo opens at State Art Gallery in Madhapur.

Unique display: expo opens at State Art Gallery in Madhapur.   | Photo Credit: -Photo: G. Krishnaswamy

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Five of the top 10 entries to the contest came from IITs

HYDERABAD: How many of us haven’t had our share of slippers snapping that left us red-faced while we are at important gatherings? And how annoying is a divider on a one-way road? Such incidents which leave us frustrated or embarrassed are a result of bad product design, says Kaladhar Bapu, founder president of (UMO).

The fourth edition of “The UMO: Bad Design Expo’08” displaying selected bad design and cartoon entries was inaugurated on Tuesday at the State Art Gallery, Madhapur. Almost all the cartoons had a message . While one cartoon showed the earth as a deflated ball being squeezed out of its fuel, another depicted human being as an extinct species, showcased in a museum. Many cartoons were also rib-tickling like the one that showed a daughter catapulting her father to work and a rickshaw-puller on skates.

The results of the two contests held by UMO- the Boycott Bad Designs Contest and the International Cartoon Contest were also declared at the gallery. Xiaoqiang Hou of China, Moslem Naeimi of Iran and Mozes Editomo of Indonesia and S. Jaiganesh and Gopal Sarkar of India won the first, second and third prizes respectively in the cartoon contest. Five of the top ten entries of the ‘UMO: Bad Design Contest’ were from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) campuses.

While the cartoon contest received over 600 entries from over 60 countries. The entries will be on display till December 14.

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