Aspirants for jobs in Kakatiya University to petition Governor

A group of aspirants who failed to get through the recent teachers recruitment of Kakatiya University are leaving no stone unturned to draw the Governor's attention to the evidence they have collected about large scale irregularities in the recruitment.

Alleging nepotism and indifferent attitude towards qualified and experienced candidates, some candidates secured all the records of academic and interview assessment data under the Right to Information Act which brought to light the casual attitude of the KU authorities in assessing the academic assessment and weightage given to various aspects in the interview. Though the KU authorities decided to give five marks to each paper publication, they gave 12 marks to one M Radha Krishna in Zoology who has over 10 publications while awarding 19 marks to another candidate who has an equal number of papers. The latter got six marks though his academic record was not sound. He claimed teaching experience during the period of research when he also claimed scholarship. Senior academic, Dr Damayanthi who has been working with the university since 1977 and who also has good academic record was neglected to accommodate another candidate in Zoology who does not have any teaching experience and has only one research paper. Another meritorious candidate, Aleti Sravanthi who is a first class student was given zero marks in interview. Aspirants have decided to petition Governor, E.S.L. Narasimhan on the matter.

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