Appeasing gods

Appeasing gods by offering prayers before one sets out on an important task is no surprise. Quite a few contestants offered ‘puja’ before submitting their nomination papers. But in Anantapur, wife of a Minister went a step further and went all the way to her native village to worship her family deity before going to cast her vote. There were also reports of some contestants offering prayers to EVMs.

‘Party time’ for politicians

As the second and final phase of polling drew to a close on Thursday, the mood was upbeat in the offices of all the political parties. There were similar scenes of distribution of sweets and bonhomie as each party believed it did well. The scene at Praja Rajyam was also no different. Taking the mood a notch higher, party general secretary Allu Aravind had everyone in splits when he invited everyone to the TV room to listen to what he called the ‘untruths of TDP president Chandrababu Naidu’.

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