An interactive session the students will never forget

P. Samuel Jonathan

CHINAKAKANI (GUNTUR DT): On a day when the former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam had crowds on their feet and delivered an inspirational lecture to the medical graduates at the Graduation Day held on the NRI Academy of Sciences, could the familiar interactive session miss from the menu?

When Dr. Kalam offered the stage for an inter active session, there was a mad scramble. Students rushed to the stage and it took some time for the organisers to arrange for a cordless mike. Dr. Kalam even joked,``no mike, then shout!” When the overenthusiastic cops were pushing away students, he said, ``Don’t push, there will be no one to question me?”

Final year M.B.B.S student A. Rakesh was nervous to begin with. But he did muster courage and grabbed the mike. ``How can I improve my performance?” Dr. Kalam took a pause and then blurted out. ``Have an aim in life, acquire knowledge, do hard work and have perseverance,” the simple mantra of success. Dr. Kalam then shared an experience with his school teacher, which inspired him to scale greater heights.

A kid, Uday Chand, a student of Aravind School popped up from no where. ``What should I do to become like you?” Dr. Kalam looked puzzled. ``Are you a medical graduate?” But Dr. Kalam sensed the curiosity and repeated the success mantra.

It was the turn of Pratyusha, a final year medico to ask a question. ``How can I retain my passion to work?” Dr. Kalam said leaders should inspire people. Leo asked a question about the Human Genome project and convergence of Nanotechnology. Dr. Kalam showed that he has updated on all subjects and he narrated his experiences in a South Korean lab.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the session as Dr. Kalam showed his versatility.

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