An ad for 100 minutes’ free talk-time

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Getting annoyed over those SMS advertisements during odd hours of the day?

A city-based mobile technology company, NowPos Online Services Ltd, has developed an image ad that appears directly on the mobile phone screen without any disturbance.

The technology, christened ‘Beep’ enables advertisers to place advertisements on mobile screens without having to send an sms and occupy space in one’s inbox. At, present NowPos has tied up with Airtel and is in talks with other telecom companies.


“Users have to download the ‘Beep’ software, which automatically registers the mobile number with the service provider. After that, whenever an advertisement is sent to the phone, the software converts it into an image and displays it on the screen without alerting the user,” says Ayyappa Nagubandi, Chairman and CEO, NowPos. “Once the user unlocks the phone, the advertisement is visible,” he adds.

Every month

Moreover, users who download the software and activate it will be given 100 minutes of talk-time free every month for receiving advertisements.“Users will get 100 minutes talk-time just for downloading the software and enabling it for receiving advertisements.

Also, advertisers can choose the duration of displaying the ad which ranges from one minute to 24 hours,” adds Mr. Nagubandi.