Amend law to save beedi workers: CITU

‘Amendment must to save employment of beedi rollers’

‘To protest the Centre’s decision on the issue’

HYDERABAD: The CITU State committee has demanded amendment to the relevant Act so that no skull marks on beedi bundles are printed with effect December 1 this year, in view of the fear of loss of employment expressed by lakhs of beedi rollers.

R. Sudha Bhaskar, general secretary, in a statement issued here on Thursday said the amendment was necessary to save employment of beedi rollers, who were agitated following the announcement by Union Health Minister Ambumani Ramadoss. Mr. Bhaskar accused the Centre and the Congress party of ‘enacting a drama’n on the issue. Mr. Bhaskar said when the issue came into focus last year following an announcement by the Centre to drop the skull mark, and beedi factories announced closure, two women of Rudraram (Medak district) died of heart attack, while another of Annaram ( Nizamabad) committed suicide.

Mr. Sudha Bhaskar called for protests by the beedi rollers to oppose the Union Government’s decision on the issue.

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