Action plan to further improve kharif yield

Staff Reporter

Target is to produce 12.39 lakh tonnes paddy

Due emphasis is being laid on farm mechanisation to help farmers cultivate vast areas

Steps afoot to supply adequate quantity of fertilizer and check substandard pesticide

Kakinada: The Agriculture Department, which was able to improve kharif per acre yield last year in the district from 35 bags to 38 bags by supplying adequate quantity of fertilizer, good quality seed and optimally utilising available irrigation sources, envisages similar measures to further increase productivity under kharif action plan 2009.

The department hopes farmers will extend their cooperation for achieving the goal.

It has been targeted to produce 12.39 lakh tonnes of paddy in the ensuing kharif season and 12.12 lakh tonnes in rabi season.


As the kharif season is on the anvil, emphasis has been laid on educating farmers through different forums on the entire gamut of issues encompassing usage of fertilizers and pesticides, management of pests, sustaining soil fertility etc. The farmers are also asked to know how to utilise water resources at their disposal carefully instead of wholly depending on the Godavari for irrigating their crops.

Due emphasis is laid on farm mechanisation, which will help farmers cultivate vast areas of arable land.

Release of water

The Agriculture and Irrigation departments are taking steps to release water from the Godavari system on June 1 itself.

It was on June 21 in 2008 that water was released to kharif crops, which created difficulties for the farmers to meet their requirements.

Care is being taken to ensure supply of adequate quantities of fertilizers by holding meetings with manufacturers and dealers on May 23. Steps have already been initiated to check the sale of spurious seed and sub-standard pesticides, which will damage the crops.

Farm credit

Another important factor taken into account is the farm loan waiver. A sum of Rs. 532 crores was written off a few months ago.

Besides, agricultural credit amounting to Rs. 1,460.79 crores is set as the target this year by the District Consultative Committee as per the Agriculture Department’s projections.

Banks have been asked to streamline credit disbursal to ensure that farmers are not deprived of timely infusion of funds.

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