APOA decides to hold election on June 21

V.V. Subrahmanyam

Critics of L. Venkatram Reddy want him to quit as secretary

APOA president Lagadapati resents holding of polls on June 21 and not on Feb 26

Despite opposition, Venkatram Reddy feels that he should continue for another term

HYDERABAD: Winds of change are definitely blowing in the Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association, apex body which controls sports associations in the State.

But, will the seasoned campaigners like L. Venkatram Reddy, secretary for close to three decades now, abdicate the throne in view of the growing demand from former friends and colleagues or hang on to another term.

At 75, LVR or Bhai Saab as he is popularly known in sporting circles, is without doubt facing stiff opposition to continuing in office.

Critics within the APOA are openly advocating that LVR should quit in view of his failing health and the utter confusion that has crept in on some crucial subjects across the State.

But, Prof. K. Ranga Rao, APOA vice-president, insists that any move should be unanimous or else the incumbent will have to face of lot avoidable ill-will.

With the executive committee of APOA on Saturday deciding to hold the elections on June 21 this year, focus clearly shifts to the key issue of contention – whether Mr. Reddy should retire and play a mentor’s role rather than continuing for another term. If the mood at the meeting was any indication today, certainly all is not well within the APOA.

Interestingly, Lagadapati Rajagopal, MP and president of APOA, who chaired the meeting, put a dissenting note in the minutes against the EC decision to hold polls on June 21 and not before the expiry of the term of the existing body on February 26. “We should have set a precedent for others,” was his argument.

One negative point

One of the factors loaded heavily against LVR is his indecisiveness with regards even to handling some of the disputes in the affiliated units as there at least six State Associations which are not sure who will vote on their behalf in the coming elections.

It is not that LVR is naïve to ignore these developments. “There is talk whether I should continue or not. But, I feel that I should be there for another term,” he insists.

Apparently, what cannot be denied is that there is no one in APOA who can command such respect and awe despite many shortcomings in his functioning.

Need for change felt

Yet, what is undeniable is the strong feeling for a change. But, whether the powers-that-be will actually facilitate such moves or stonewall any such moves by their renowned ‘skills’ . Only time will tell.

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