A time-pass flick

Film: Pellaindi Kaani

Cast: Naresh, Kamalini, Harish

Director: E.V.V. Satyanarayana

Director E.V.V. Satyanarayana is in complete form this time around. To accept the directorial reins of a love story that defies the stereotype, is indeed a challenge.

Naresh is made to go through a family planning operation by his uncles with a plan to usurp his property and the already deranged characterwho suffers from oedipal complex is compelled to escape from his village only to land at his ex-wife’s home.

This film doesn’t end up as Abbayigaru but treads an unconventional path eventually elevating the hero to a sublime level.

The film reads like a story book and what makes the film such a treat is the several one liners and cattish replies (MS Narayana calling himself Father Orrisa is freaky) with Sunil providing innumerable cherries on top.

Kamalini slips into her role with ease and Naresh deserves a pat for his candid and credible work, he is an absolute delight improving with every film.


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