A ‘vote of thanks’

Staff Reporter

GUDIVADA: The opposition parties’ fears that the Rajiv Arogyasri scheme could eat away their votes came true in some cases.

For M. Prabhavathi, a teenager here, the Arogyasri scheme came as a boon. Nine months ago, her father was on bed suffering from heart ailment. “He was treated in a private hospital, and he underwent heart operation. But for the Arogyasri scheme, it would not have been possible,” she said. When asked whether it prompted her to vote for the Congress, she replied in the affirmative.

Venkateswara Rao, an agricultural worker in Nandivada mandal, was another voter who preferred the Congress in this election. He, however, was tight-lipped when asked about the party to which he voted last time.

Asif, a youth voter in Pedana, said some of their relatives and friends had got benefited due to Rajiv Arogyasri. But, it was not just one factor that induced him to vote for the Congress. “I voted for the Congress for many other reasons too. No other political party implemented so many welfare schemes for the poor. Schemes like Pavalaa Vaddi are so beneficial to many poor families,” he said.

However, there were some voters who availed themselves of the benefit of Arogyasri, but still voted for the TDP. Ramasubbaiah, an agricultural worker in Nandivada mandal, said he voted for the TDP though he had an Arogyasri card.

“I like NTR since my childhood. So, I voted for his party,” he said.

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