A Ravi Teja show all the way

HIT PAIR: Ravi Teja and Nayantara in `Dubai Seenu'

HIT PAIR: Ravi Teja and Nayantara in `Dubai Seenu'  

Dubai Seenu (Telugu) Cast: Ravi Teja, Nayantara

Director: Sreenu Vytla

Ravi Teja's lively and flawless performance, the writer's unpretentious work, supported by a team of talented performers will definitely help Dubai Seenu wade through comfortably even if Rajini's forthcoming Sivaji threatens to cast a gloom over this release.

Dubai Seenu is about the hero's desire to visit Dubai, his attempts being thwarted by a cheat and sudden twist in the story.

There are two aspects in the film that are very obvious. One is over- dependence on comedy.

Dee worked because Vytla had sprinkled an adequate dose of humour but here he emptied almost all the contents in the first half leaving MS Narayana to carry the second half on his `celebrity' shoulders.

The second is committing the travesty of bringing in an outdated concept of a brother-sister-friendship episode to rake in emotion and to give a goal to the film.


The movie's message `entertainment' is loud and clear but the platitudes it regurgitates are about as fresh as leftover cafeteria food. Filmmakers like Vytla are at least being true to their convictions, trying to bring a smile on people's faces.

And no matter how crass the comedy is, there is a discerning audience also out there, remember.

Shayaji Shinde's uncouth character is outrageously narcissistic, and incredibly cartoonish. Bhanuchander's expressions are bland, JD's presence will be felt if you want a change in face, Nayantara has little to do but she does it with eye-catching aplomb. Yes, there are blemishes in the screenplay but in a movie like this, one is really not supposed to bother about them as logic (Dubai Seenu never visits Dubai) is never the motive!

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