85 history, suspect sheets closed

After closing history-sheets pending against 95 persons in one go in June, Commissioner of Police P.S.R Anjaneyulu on Wednesday closed history-sheets, suspect-sheets and dossier criminal (DC) sheets pending against another 85 persons. He described it as “freedom for them before the Independence Day”.

Mr. Anjaneyulu, who counselled them at Armed Reserve police grounds, sought their details such as their present occupation and the activities they were involved in. The Commissioner said that the special branch police gathered details about these 85 persons and only after he was convinced that they were not indulging in any offence and were not likely to indulge in, decided to close the sheets. But if anyone got involved in any criminal activity once again, the sheets will be reopened and tough actions will be initiated against them, he warned. Mr. Anjaneyulu said these 85 persons were “fringe cases” and one of them was a 77-year-old person, whose involvement in any criminal activity was highly unlikely.

Those who were freed said they were really elated and hoped to lead a systematic life with more confidence. They thanked the Commissioner for giving them a new life.

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