50 huts gutted

Staff Reporter

GUNTUR: Fifty huts were gutted in a major fire in Rajiv Gandhi Colony of the Pichikulagunta area in Guntur on Monday afternoon, but there were no casualties or injuries to any of the residents.

An accidental fire from a house in the slum at 11 a.m. spread to other houses within minutes aided by strong winds and it took four fire tenders three hours to bring the fire under control.

Principally occupied by domestic helps and labourers, a majority of the inmates were away on work, and when the houses caught fire all of them were locked and neighbours also could not help bring out their belongings.

Three fire tenders from Guntur and one from Mangalagiri were brought to the site, but due to narrow approach roads fire tenders could not enter the area.

While initially 100 houses were said to have caught fire, the count had finally come down to 50 by evening and the loss was put at Rs.7 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh.

Municipal Commissioner Siddhartha Jain and Mandal Revenue Officer Ravinder reached the site immediately and began rescue and relief operations.

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