`Sustained campaign needed'

The Wakf Board has an important role to play in curbing such marriages. It should make thorough enquiry about marriages involving foreign nationals. Social evils like dowry is the main cause for Muslim girls not getting married. A sustained campaign involving community elders should be launched. The Majlis is raising this issue in its public meetings.

Asaduddin Owaisi,

Hyderabad MP

The Home Department should lay down conditions that marriage with foreign nationals should be performed only with its permission. The qazis should also be made accountable. If an Arab national is coming to India with the purpose of marriage he should not be issued a visa if he is old and handicapped.

Abdul Rahim Qureshi

General Secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board

The Minorities Welfare Department should lay down clear guidelines with regard to marriage of foreign nationals. It is the touts who buy off the qazis and play havoc with the lives of innocent girls. Criminal proceedings should be launched against them.

Zafar Javeed

General secretary, Federation of A.P. Minority Educational Institutions