Swamy welcomes Centre's stand

CHENNAI Dec. 7. The Janata Party president, Subramanian Swamy, has welcomed the "present stand" of the Centre, made public today, that the LTTE will remain a banned organisation.

"The Indian people support peace in Sri Lanka and a genuine federal constitution as the best solution for the ethnic strife, but Indian people will treat it as a hostile act if the Sri Lankan Government shares power or set up any administration in which the LTTE, under Prabhakaran, finds a representation", Dr. Swamy said.

It was the LTTE chief who ordered the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, for which he has been declared a "proclaimed offender" by an Indian trial court. "Hence the Indian Government should now make it clear that any settlement between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE must include the handing over to India of the LTTE chief and his deputy, Pottu Aman, to face trial in India. The U.S. should also realise that any disregarding of this popular and justified Indian demand will be treated by the people of India as an unfriendly act and an indication of U.S. hypocrisy in combating the war against terrorism".

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