States must facilitate media outlets to fight fake news: govt.

Proper functioning of the media network is essential, the Ministry said.AFPAFP

Proper functioning of the media network is essential, the Ministry said.AFPAFP  

Ensure smooth supply and distribution chain, says directive

In a bid to fight “fake news”, rumours and speculation that have been doing the rounds on the social media in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak, the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry has issued directions to all State governments to facilitate functioning of all print and electronic media outlets.

In an order issued on Monday, the Ministry has said proper functioning of the media network is essential to create awareness among people, to disseminate important messages and also keep the nation updated on the latest status. “False and fake news need to be avoided and good practices need to be promoted and these networks play a pivotal role in ensuring the same,” the Ministry said in its directive.

The Ministry orders come in the backdrop of the lockdown across the country limiting the movement of people and shutting all institutions and offices. Issuing the six-point directive, the Ministry has said all operators and their intermediaries should be permitted to remain operational.

It has urged the State governments to facilitate “smooth supply and distribution chain”.

Provisions facilitated

The media facilities should be permitted to be manned by the staff of the service providers.

“The movement of the accredited staff of service providers be permitted; the movement of vehicles carrying media persons and others including provisioning of fuel may kindly be facilitated,” the order says.

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