Shah pushes for use of Hindi in official work

Amit Shah  

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in a video message on Monday that Hindi had played a role in uniting the country. He requested the senior officials and heads of all Central government offices, ministries and banks to use Hindi for official work in addition to other Indian languages.

Mr. Shah released the 10-minute video message on the occasion of Hindi Divas on Monday.

He said the new education policy provided for parallel development of Hindi and other Indian languages.

Hindi was an unbreakable part of Indian culture and it had been an effective and powerful medium of national unity and identity since the freedom struggle. The greatest strength of Hindi was that it was scientific and known for its originality and simplicity as well, he stated.

“Hindi has strengthened other Indian languages and it should be amply clarified that Hindi doesn’t compete with any other language… Hindi should be made attractive for the younger generation and they should be provided with all help. I want to request parents to use Indian languages while speaking to their children,” he said.