Security for incident-free season in J&K

Staff Reporter

Central team reviews situation

JAMMU: Security will be tightened in Jammu and Kashmir to ensure an incident-free tourist season, Union Minister of State for Home Sri Prakash Jaiswal said on Thursday.

"The security agencies are mindful of increased threat perception to tourists and pilgrims. Steps are being taken to increase security for civilians so that soft targets are not attacked," he told presspersons after a review meeting of a high-level Central team here.

Security would be increased in busy and vulnerable areas.

"Militants frustrated"

On the increased attacks on pilgrims and tourists this summer, Mr. Jaiswal said: "This shows the frustration of the militant groups. As these groups are unable to take on the [security] forces, they are choosing soft targets. Seen logically and rationally, this does not show any increase in the capability of the militants but [shows] only the frustration in their ranks. But even this needs to be prevented and steps are being taken in this direction."

Why politicise protection?

The Minister criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party for "politicising" the issue of protection of civilians and termed its nine-day satyagraha in Jammu as a tactic to befool the masses.

"During the BJP's regime, there were countless attacks all over the country by militants. Even Parliament was attacked. Militancy is a national threat. Therefore, things have to be seen from this perspective and not along party lines," he said.