SC allows Hindujas to stay abroad

New Delhi Oct. 13. The Supreme Court today permitted the three Europe-based Hinduja brothers to stay abroad till the trial court decided the `Rs. 64 crore Bofors payoff' case against them.

A Bench, comprising Justice S. Rajendra Babu and Justice G. P. Mathur, turned down the CBI plea to continue the apex court's earlier order by which the Hindujas were allowed to go abroad in rotation with at least one of them remaining in India at any point of time.

In its earlier interim order allowing the three brothers to be abroad at the same time, the Supreme Court had said that they should be present before the trial court as and when their presence in the trial was necessary, and today this order was made absolute by the Bench.

Appearing for the Hindujas, senior counsel, Ram Jethmalani, requested that the earlier order be continued. The Bench ordered: "The resent arrangement shall continue to operate until the Special Judge disposed of the trial of the case."

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