Sashi Preetam to launch ‘social album’ with a message

NEW FORAY:Music director Sashi Preetam, who will launch his album in March.–Photo: By arrangement

NEW FORAY:Music director Sashi Preetam, who will launch his album in March.–Photo: By arrangement  

The very mention of the name will make the listener recall ‘Gulabi’ (1996) that starred J.D. Chakravarthi and Maheshwari (Sridevi’s cousin) in the lead. In all, this music-maker has composed music for 21 Telugu and 6 Hindi films.

The theme of ‘Gulabi’ revolved around trafficking. It was inspired by a case in which Dubai-based businessmen were caught as they tried to smuggle girls from Hyderabad.

So once he had his ‘space’ in the world of films, music director Sashi Preetam moved on, setting up ‘Steam Advertising’, making video documentaries and advertising jingles.

He is now working on ‘Hope Windows’, a ‘social album’ that talks about the pain that connects millions of under-privileged people.

His first such album was titled ‘Dark Horizon’ and with ‘Hope Window’ he aims to send out a strong message of support to the less fortunate.

The album has six numbers, all sung by Mr. Sashi Preetam himself. They include songs on the theme of change needed in the laws for women, domestic violence and atrocities on women, rape and molestation, environment awareness, disfigurement dedicated to ‘Aakaar Asha’, a voluntary organisation, and hope for a better tomorrow.

It will be launched in March at a live concert.

A photo exhibition of 12 case studies showcasing the needy in their quest for help will also be put up.

Lyrics for four of the songs were penned by Mr. Sashi Preetam himself, while lyrics for two other songs - ‘Aakaar Asha’ and ‘We share the pain’, were written by Priya, COO of RBC, an advertising agency.

‘Hope Window’ is produced by Sarvani Ponnam, an engineer from the USA. The content for the photo exhibition will be provided by students and young working professionals.

They include K. Sravani, an architect, Mahadev Krishna, Valli and Prashanth, an engineering student.

The album has six numbers, all of which are sung by Preetam himself

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