Salman may not have driving licence

MUMBAI OCT. 3. In a new twist to the Salman Khan case, Mumbai police today said the actor probably did not have a driving licence at all although he had claimed to own one at the time of his arrest on September 28 after he allegedly rammed into a bakery killing one person and injuring four more.

The Joint Commissioner (Law and Order), Ahmad Javed, said police had written to the RTO three days ago asking for the actor's licence to be suspended till the completion of the probe. " The RTO at Andheri, under whose jurisdiction the matter falls, has written back to inform us that they do not have any record of a person with the name of Salman holding any driving licence," he said.

"However, we have also written to various other RTOs asking them to verify whether the actor had been issued a licence from their offices. We are still awaiting their response," he said.

Meanwhile, 75 BJP activists were today arrested in Malegaon in north Maharashtra after they staged a demonstration in front of a cinema hall, screening a film featuring Salman Khan.

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