Russia `happy' with Sino-Indian rapprochement

MOSCOW JUNE 26. Russia hailed closer India-China relations as a chance to strengthen ties in the Moscow-Delhi-Beijing triangle.

An official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Yakovenko, said today that Russia was ``happy'' with India and China signing a declaration on the principles of friendly relations and comprehensive cooperation.

``The signing of the document will not only promote good relations between Beijing and New Delhi, but will also facilitate trilateral ties with Russia,'' he said.

``Cooperation in the triangular format is undoubtedly instrumental for strengthening peace and security in the region in the context of new threat and challenges in the era of globalisation.''

An unnamed Foreign Ministry official was quoted as saying that the unfreezing of Russia's relations with Pakistan was proceeding ``in consonance'' with a similar process between India and China.

He said that Moscow and Beijing were coordinating their moves in this regard.

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