Russia, France to press Pak. for drastic action

MOSCOW, DEC. 30. Russia and France have agreed to push Pakistan for drastic measures against terrorist outfits operating from Pakistan.

In a telephonic conversation on Saturday, the Russian President, Mr. Vladimir Putin, and his French counterpart, Mr. Jacques Chirac, discussed the ``urgent measures Pakistan must take against terrorist groups acting from its territory,'' the Itar-Tass news agency reported.

The two leaders registered their resolve ``to continue joint efforts with the European Union to defuse tension between India and Pakistan,'' the agency said, quoting a spokesman for the French President.

Mr. Putin ``stressed that the unanimous condemnation by the international community of the December 13 terrorist attack on Indian Parliament must be augmented with decisive measures to neutralise the terrorist groups based in Pakistan.''

The Russian and French Presidents called on India and Pakistan to resolve the current flare-up of tension between them ``through joint efforts in combating the terrorist threat''.

On the Russian initiative, the Foreign Ministers of the G-8 industrialised nations issued a joint statement on Friday condemning the December 13 attack and urging Pakistan to crack down on terrorists acting from its territory.

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