Rumblings in People's Front

NEW DELHI MARCH 29 . Nearly a year after its formation, noises have begun to be made by a few constituents of the People's Front even as it prepares itself for a major role in national politics.

One of the prime constituents — the Communist Party of India as expressed its unhappiness about the scope of the combine. The party, according to reports from its ongoing party congress, considers the front to have become a mere tool for contesting elections in Uttar Pradesh and not for playing a role at the national level.The observation comes barely a week after the CPI(M) resolved at its Hyderabad party congress to work to further the third alternative which existed in the form of the front.

The front was launched last year under the chairmanship of the former West Bengal Chief Minister, Jyoti Basu. The SP president, Mulayam Singh Yadav, was its convenor. The front contested the Uttar Pradesh elections under the banner, with the SP sharing some seats with both the CPI(M) and the CPI.

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