Rakhi brings new message to Rajasthan village

Only a dozen girls live in Devra village, notorious for female infanticide, but this has not stopped the girls from ensuring that all men in the area have a rakhi on their wrist this weekend.

Murdering baby girls is widespread in the village which has welcomed only a single marriage party in the last 110 years.

But this year, the girls decided to make a difference by tying rakhis to 240 men.

Pooja Kanwar says the village received a marriage party after 110 years some time back and this has changed the thinking of residents of the village about female infanticide.

Mool Singh, who has a sister, says he is happy with the decision of the girls.

Chandraprakash Ojha, a teacher, says “the village is infamous for infanticide for the past many years. But slowly this social abuse is decreasing.”

“This is possible due to the spread of education,” he added. - PTI

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