Punjab rallies to save its State bird

Concerned over the declining numbers of the baaz or Eastern Gosh Hawk, Punjab is all set to build a breeding centre for its State bird.

Forest and Wildlife Minister Arunesh Shakir on Sunday said the Shiromani Akali Dal – Bharatiya Janata Party Government has pushed forward a proposal to replenish the population of the endangered Eastern Gosh Hawk by setting up a breeding centre at Chhatbir Zoo.

The Government is concerned about the declining numbers of the bird, which also has great religious significance in Sikh history, he said. According to the proposal, a few birds would be imported first and a proper environment would be provided at the centre for their breeding.

The Eastern Gosh Hawk is normally found in hilly areas with low temperatures. The birds cared for at the centre would be released in such areas so that they may survive and flourish. – PTI

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