Praveen Swami wins Senior Fellowship of U.S. Peace Institute

WASHINGTON, JUNE 1. The Congressionally-funded U.S. Institute of Peace announced today that Praveen Swami, Delhi Bureau Chief of Frontline, is among 22 new Senior Fellows of the Institute.

Other Senior Fellows include Touqir Hussain, retired Pakistani Ambassador.

Mr. Swami will work on `Islam, Ethnicity and Nationalism: A history of Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir' and Mr. Hussein on `Re-engagement with Pakistan: Issues for U.S. Foreign Policy.'

Welcoming the new group, most of whom will be in residence at the Institute from October 2004 through July 2005, the Fellowship Programme Director, Joseph Klaits, said: "This group continues the Institute's tradition of attracting outstanding experts who are addressing issues of vital concern to the nation."